A CMJ 2015 Staff Pick – Editor-In-Chief, Lisa Hresko
“moody, searing guitar rock” – Village Voice
“Their worming guitar licks exist in dark, cavernous places, an occasional light swinging over to take the edge off.” – Culture Collide
“ADAH shatters the prehistoric notions of living, demanding something present and conscious in the now…” – Impose Magazine
“…the yearning, dark apartment ruminating sounds…bring to mind unduly underappreciated, female-led, mid-80s indie rock originators like Scrawl and Salem 66. The reflective, poetic Mother Night wraps right around a rainy September day like today, with autumn clearing it’s throat nearby.”- CMJ
“Musically, they do great things with space, leaving room for tension in nearly every song, before exploding in perfectly timed, cathartic movements that drive their songs ahead. Satellite goes from hyper-focused poetic lightning rod to manic carnival ringleader, directing the force of the trio throughout each song’s twists and turns.”- BreakThru Radio
“The driving, riff burning cut confronts the risks involved in committing to something outside of your scope and control.”- Speak Into My Good Eye
“There’s a tension — okay, maybe an urgency — in Rebecca Satellite’s vocals and guitar that gives the track that feeling of being on the edge of bursting right up until the band let you down easy in the last few seconds. The rhythm section…helps to push everything along just short of the breaking point.”- CoolDad Music
“New single “Gunpoint” inhabits a gray, shadowy netherworld where smoky vocals and stop-start, grimy instrumentation coil serpentine around you. It’s an intriguing, rather beguiling sound, full of youthful promise that somehow feels rather self-assured and wise beyond its years.”   – Fuzzy Logic

Not only are their songs deep, memorable, and ass-kicking, the band also has one of the strangest and most intriguing names.  This is a band I will be listening to for a while.” – Audio Fuzz
“Breaking down and trying to reconcile what we think we know of society seems like a tall order for a song, but just look at how the world has been shaped by music and you soon see the necessity and importance of what they’re trying to do. Helped along by thunderous percussive assistance…the band riddles each sentiment with a series of blistering guitar salvos and impulsive bass rhythms that underline the ferocity and inevitability of what’s being conveyed.” –